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Protect your business, school, state, or county facility with the finest commercial pest control service in Willamette Valley, Oregon

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Safe pest control for classrooms and medical facilities

Commercial Pest Control Service

Dependable Commercial Pest Control Services

Protecting your Willamette Valley, Oregon, business from active & potential pest threats

Insects and rodents pose significant threats to property, health, and safety. They can harm employee morale, endanger customer health, and cause financial losses by damaging supplies and profits. Avoiding a pest infestation in your Willamette Valley, Oregon business is crucial. At Eco Valley Pest Control, our commercial services are tailored to eradicate pest issues in your facility.

Our pest control services in the Willamette Valley, Oregon area, are delivered by certified IPM technicians and come with a strong industry guarantee. Opting for our commercial pest control means you'll receive prompt, efficient service and effective results. Our GreenPro certification ensures that our methods are safe for your clients, staff, students, patients, property, and the environment.

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Industry Specific Pest Control Strategies for Effective Results

Discover unmatched pest control for industries like healthcare, food service, and retail, ensuring your business remains pest-free and safe.

Business Office Pest Control

Business offices

Effective pest control in business offices is essential for maintaining a healthy, safe, and professional environment. Regular inspections, integrated pest management practices, and swift action against infestations prevent disruptions and safeguard office assets. Tailoring strategies to specific needs ensures a pest-free workspace.

Daycare Pest Control

Daycare facilities

Protect children in daycare centers with our comprehensive pest control solutions. Our eco-friendly treatments ensure a safe environment, free from pests. Contact us for reliable and efficient pest management tailored to daycare facilities' needs.

Educational Pest Control

Education facilities

Effective pest control in educational facilities ensures a safe, healthy learning environment. Specializing in eco-friendly solutions, our experts target rodents, insects, and more with minimal chemical use, prioritizing student safety and compliance with IPM health standards.

Farm Building Pest Control

Farm Buildings

Farm buildings require robust pest control to protect livestock and crops. Tailored strategies combat rodents, insects, and birds using careful, efficient methods, ensuring the integrity of agricultural production and compliance with safety standards.

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial Buildings

Industrial manufacturing demands specialized pest control to safeguard products and processes. Customized solutions target rodents, insects, utilizing advanced, eco-friendly techniques to ensure operational integrity and meet stringent health and safety regulations.

Medical Industry Pest Control

Medical Facilities

Pest control in medical facilities is critical for patient safety and compliance with health standards. Specialized treatments target pests like rodents and insects, ensuring a sterile environment through advanced methods tailored to sensitive healthcare settings.

Property Management Pest Control

Property Management

For property management, effective pest control is key to tenant satisfaction and property value. Customized, eco-friendly solutions address rodents, insects, and more, ensuring safe, pest-free living and working environments with minimal disruption and adherence to health standards.

Retail Pest Control


Retail spaces require discreet, effective pest control to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Tailored, eco-friendly solutions target rodents and insects, preserving merchandise integrity and customer satisfaction while adhering to health and safety regulations.

Warehouse Pest Control

Storage Facilities & Warehouses

Effective pest control for storage facilities and warehouses is essential to protect inventory from damage. Customized strategies deter rodents and insects, ensuring product safety and compliance with health standards, without disrupting operations.

Eco Valley solves all these pest problems with ease

Our technicians are equipped to discuss any pest problems in your home. We'll set up monitors or bait stations to identify the pests, then proceed with the necessary treatments.

Sugar Ants
Yellow Jackets
Carpenter Ants
Pill Bugs
Boxelder Beetle
Stink Bugs
Fruit Fly
Carpet Beetle
Pantry Pests
Indian Meal Moths

Josh and team have been amazing! We have had them since 2019 and have no complaints. They take care of us and I know we can count on them for any and all pest control needs! I especially love that if I call for a re service or even for advice on critters(we live near an empty field) I always get a live body and never feel like I’m being bounced around from person to person! Highly recommend!

- Miah Crockett

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Why Choose Eco Valley for commercial pest control?

  • Thorough Building Inspections
  • IPM Certified for schools and medical facilities
  • Prevention before infestation
  • Pest control tailored to your business
  • On-going treatment, evaluations, and modifications
Our Story
EcoValley is always professional, kind, efficient, and effective. They really have the best people working there, and the services have made a big difference in our home that used to be infested with ants and wasps each year before we started using them regularly.
Josh and team have been amazing! We have had them since 2019 and have no complaints. They take care of us and I know we can count on them for any and all pest needs! I especially love that if I call for a re service or even for advice on critters(we live near an empty field) I always get a live body and never feel like I’m being bounced around from person to person! Highly recommend!
Eco Valley pest control has been amazing at keeping sugar ants (and all other creepy crawly things) away. I love that they just automatically come out every 3 months, but also I can call them anytime if we need treatment inside or outside of the house. They're awesome!
Great service used quarterly for pest prevention. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly service.
Always on time and excellent service. We've recommended to others.
1) The company is local.

2) The owner Josh is very friendly and accommodating.

3) Dakota who treats our home is super friendly and knowledgeable of the insects/pests in the area.

4) The Price is right!
Dakota let me show him where historically the ant nests and trails have been over the years. We discussed pollinator safety. And I feel assured Dakota ensured the best solution for my pest problem.
Dakota us awesome, friendly, professional and goes the extra mile. Coustomer service is awesome.
Thank you guys so much.
We love your service and enjoy your customer service as well

Frequently Asked Questions

Find direct answers to common questions about Eco Valley commercial pest control solutions here.

What should I look for in a commercial pest control provider?

Choosing the right commercial pest control provider is crucial. Look for a licensed, experienced company with a strong track record in commercial pest control and experience with facilities similar to yours. Choose a provider that offers an award-winning training program and a solid satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

My current provider has been spraying for pests but they keep coming back. What's the problem?

Your provider could be the issue. Successful commercial pest control involves more than just pesticide use. It requires a detailed inspection to detect pests, locating and sealing their entry points, and specifically targeting the pest species. Using pesticides incorrectly can exacerbate the problem.

How does Eco Valley Pest Control prevent pests?

With more than 20 years of expertise, you can trust us completely. We equip our commercial pest control technicians with extensive training and employ a solid Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to stay ahead of pest issues.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a combination of non-chemical methods to control pests. It’s an “outside the box” approach using physical, mechanical, environmental or by focusing on removing access to food, water, and shelter.

We know each business, facility or operation will have needs different from one another. For this reason EcoValley will customize the right solutions that are not only effective, but that also take into consideration safety measures for your staff and customers.

What if I have a pest recurrence between service dates?

With Eco Valley Pest Control, you receive a priority phone number for immediate access to our customer service. If you encounter a re-service need, please notify us and we’ll return right away.