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Affordable, lasting pest control services for homes in Willamette Valley, Oregon, so you can live with peace of mind in a pest free environment.

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Eco Valley Pest Control is dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance between nature and the comfort of your home. Our comprehensive pest control management solutions are thoughtfully designed to address the unique environmental conditions of the Willamette Valley. We specialize in combating the most common and troublesome pests in the area, ensuring your home and surroundings remain peaceful and safe.

From pill bugs and ants in the warmer months to rodents making their way indoors in the colder months, our service handles them all. Our monthly, quarterly, and annual pest control services can keep those pests at bay all year round. All of these invasive pests can be removed and prevented with our residential pest control program that targets the pest issues during the season that they are most active.
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Eco Valley Residential Pest Control Process

Discover unmatched pest control for industries like healthcare, food service, and retail, ensuring your business remains pest-free and safe.

Eave/Siding Sweep & Inspection

We clean spider webbing, spider egg sacs, wasp nests from porches, covered areas, siding, and high hard to reach areas.


While sweeping we inspect the exterior of your home or building for any unique needs. Because we understand every home or business is different from one another, this is an essential step.

Perimeter Treatment

We carefully treat the full exterior perimeter, areas of pest harborage, and foundational entry points. We’ll also apply a granule barrier in areas where it will give better application as in rock beds, mulch beds etc.

Residential Pest Control

Garage Sweep & Treatment

Spiders and other pests love garages. If you would like us to, we sweep up webbing inside the garage & treat accessible areas.

Interior Service

Interior service is included as wanted or needed. This often consists of spot treatments, baseboard treatments, and behind appliances. Because every home and situation is different, we tailor the service to your specific needs.

Fence Line Perimeter

We won’t just protect your house, we’ll protect your property by setting a fence line barrier. Wasps and other pests love the harborage opportunities that fence lines offer.

Let Eco Valley handle all your pest control

Our technicians will assess and directly address your pest issues, tailoring our methods specifically to your home or business needs.
Expect thorough inspections and targeted pest control treatments that resolve your specific pest problems efficiently.

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Yellow Jackets
Carpenter Ants
Pill Bugs
Boxelder Beetle
Stink Bugs
Fruit Fly
Carpet Beetle
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Indian Meal Moths

Are you facing a pest control problem? EcoValley Pest Control can help!

Facing an invasion of unwanted pests? From tiny insects to larger nuisances, our comprehensive solutions ensure peace of mind, guaranteeing your space is pest-free.

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Josh and team have been amazing! We have had them since 2019 and have no complaints. They take care of us and I know we can count on them for any and all pest needs! I especially love that if I call for a re service or even for advice on critters(we live near an empty field) I always get a live body and never feel like I’m being bounced around from person to person! Highly recommend!

- Miah Crockett

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Rely on Eco Valley Pest Control for peace of mind from inside and outside pests.

Selecting a pest control company is a critical decision, and experience is key. Eco Valley Pest Control, with over 20 years in the business, leads the industry with innovative and environmentally friendly pest control methods. As a family-operated company, we ensure that only highly skilled professionals visit your home. Our commitment is to gain and keep your trust. Our excellent reputation is built on effective pest management and outstanding customer service. We adhere to the principle of treating our customers with the respect and care we expect for ourselves, ensuring expert and comprehensive pest prevention and elimination.

Our Story
Great service used quarterly for pest prevention. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly service.
1) The company is local.

2) The owner Josh is very friendly and accommodating.

3) Dakota who treats our home is super friendly and knowledgeable of the insects/pests in the area.

4) The Price is right!
Josh and team have been amazing! We have had them since 2019 and have no complaints. They take care of us and I know we can count on them for any and all pest needs! I especially love that if I call for a re service or even for advice on critters(we live near an empty field) I always get a live body and never feel like I’m being bounced around from person to person! Highly recommend!
Eco Valley pest control has been amazing at keeping sugar ants (and all other creepy crawly things) away. I love that they just automatically come out every 3 months, but also I can call them anytime if we need treatment inside or outside of the house. They're awesome!
We love your service and enjoy your customer service as well
EcoValley is always professional, kind, efficient, and effective. They really have the best people working there, and the services have made a big difference in our home that used to be infested with ants and wasps each year before we started using them regularly.
Dakota let me show him where historically the ant nests and trails have been over the years. We discussed pollinator safety. And I feel assured Dakota ensured the best solution for my pest problem.
Always on time and excellent service. We've recommended to others.
Dakota us awesome, friendly, professional and goes the extra mile. Coustomer service is awesome.
Thank you guys so much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find direct answers to common questions about Eco Valley commercial pest control solutions here.

What type of materials do you use and are they toxic?

When discussing risk there are usually two factors at play – toxicity and exposure. An analogous example would be pumping gasoline at a gas station. Gasoline is toxic to humans, but the way you pump it there is no exposure, and hence little risk. We use very low toxic products, but more importantly, we are extremely careful about where we apply each product. There is little chance of exposure to you and your pets, so extremely low risk.

Do you provide any type of guarantee if the service doesn't work or isn't what you said it would be?

Yes. We can’t promise you will never see a bug again (no one can), but if you see anything out of the ordinary after the service we will provide a complimentary re-service. If we have serviced several times for the same issue with no improvement we will refund your money. Please note: this has never happened in our company.

Can my problem be solved with just one treatment?

It depends. Some issues can be resolved in one visit, but some require multiple treatments. This would, of course, be on a case by case basis and depend on how well you implement our recommendations after the service is performed. The majority of clients sign up on a regular maintenance schedule to prevent pests from returning.

Do you require a long-term contract for specific services?

We moved away from one time services simply due to the fact that insects come back. By providing services in a proactive manner it is much easier for your home to stay insect free. We call it a ‘service agreement’ and there are usually discounts available when you sign up for a regular maintenance. Our maintenance plans also come with unlimited free re-services if there are any problems in between.

What are your prices?

Our prices are quoted on a case by case basis – it will depend on what types of pest problems you are experiencing specifically, square footage of the home or business, and other factors. We have somewhat standard pricing for certain services, but requesting a quote will give you a specific price. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics.

Do I need to do anything to prep my home prior to treatment?

For most services, you don’t need to do anything. Typically you should move any toys/loose items near the baseboards or on the floor, but there is no need to move any furniture. Flea, Tick, Chigger, German Roach, and Bed Bug treatments require more preparation. A Preparation Sheet will be provided before your service when required.

What should I expect on my initial service day?

You will be given a three hour arrival time window before your service date. Your technician could arrive anytime within these three hours, but will also call you when on the way to give you a better idea of arrival time. Your tech will knock on your door, greet you by name, and wear shoe covers inside. They usually start on the inside and then move to the outside of the home or business. A residential service typically takes about an hour for the initial visit.

What is the difference between granules and liquid spray?

These are just different application methods – granules look like fertilizer – we use it to treat outside of the homes. They tend to work better than spray for certain treatments. Granules get below the thatch layer where the bugs like to hide. We use a liquid spray around doors & windows, around the foundation of the home or business, and occasionally inside. We also use baits and other formulations appropriate for the situation.

What should I expect directly after the treatment?

It is common to see an increase in pest activity right after the service is performed because things are getting stirred up out of their hiding places. You should allow about 10-14 days for this to occur and if any major problems are still occurring after this time period please let us know.

Can I be in the home right after the extermination takes place?

Yes. The products we use are odorless, colorless, and are considered pet and people-friendly. The only thing we ask is that people and pets stay off any treated area until dry, but you won’t need to leave the home.

Are there any "organic" or "green" pest control options?

A lot of people ask if our products are organic – but this is a loaded question because the word organic has a lot of different definitions. One definition is ‘it has a carbon atom attached to it’ – but purely organic means that it has never been touched by man. When people ask about this they are usually wondering if we have botanical service options – this is not pesticides but rather oils from plants and completely from nature. In most cases, we don’t recommend this type of product, but we can provide it if needed. Typically it can be a lot more expensive, doesn’t last as long, and requires more treatments.

Do you get rid of rodents/rats?

Basic rodent control for smaller things like mice and rats is offered, but we are currently not handling larger rodents like squirrels and raccoons. We do trapping on the interior of the home and baiting on the exterior. We don’t recommend placing bait inside because you run the risk of them dying in the walls. We can also seal entry points where the rodents are entering the building. We can recommend you to another company if you are dealing with larger wildlife.

Do you provide fumigation services?

No, we don’t. This is very rarely needed. Fumigation is usually only required for dry wood termites, which are rare in Oregon. If this is a problem for you, we have another company we can recommend.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards – we can even set up an auto-pay option through an e-check or credit card. We also offer a 5% discount to pay for the year in advance.