Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control services. More than 20 years of experience applying organic products to the inside and outside of your home.


Exterior pest services include the following:

Perimeter over hang sweep of spider webbing and wasp nests.
Inspection of full yard from front curb to back fence line.
Treatment to yard and perimeter after the inspection.
A granule product is applied to shrub, stone and fence line areas.

Interior services include the following:

Garage spider web sweep and perimeter treatment.
Base board treatment.
Plumbing entry points under sinks.
Appliance areas

Pride of ownership survey

After 100 homeowners interviewed, the results showed that 98% of all homeowners took pride in the type of chemicals they let inside the residence. Additionally, none of the homeowners knew how deadly the chemicals sprayed by pest control companies were. Clients were astonished when presented with a chemical FAQ data sheet that showed the long term effects of chemicals sprayed in 99% of all pest services.

Our process is simple: Organic, Scheduled Maintenance, best prices.

Typically, pests are active year-around. Which means homes need protection every day, all month long, yearly.

Custom treatments using our organic compounds adapt with the seasons addressing pest activity pest activity based on specific criteria found in each area treated, providing protection all year long.

Technicians come back regularly to treat outside your home every season usually in Tulatin that equates to four treatments, taking into consideration the first initial treatment.

Likewise, if the problem pests remain, we come back at no cost to the homeowner. Call us to get a no commitment, no cost quote. Usually, our technical surveyor can come out to the property on the same day. Team members are available for your call.