Ecovalley Pest Control Smart. Green. Effective.

We use Natural & Conventional Products. Our mission is to revolutionize the pest industry through innovating healthier and effective solutions along with superior customer service that you can trust. We’re proud to use a combination of natural and conventional professional products. We use natural products wherever possible.


Ecovalley Pest Control An Oregon Owned Local Business

We’re proud to have been founded and based right here in the heart of the Willamette Valley! We live here too! Equally, we are committed to you and all of our communities. In Fact, we are so excited to be revolutionizing the pest industry through innovating healthier and effective solutions.

Ecovalley Pest Control 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We spend more time and do more to ensure your pests stay away without the over exposure of harmful chemicals. In fact, If at any point between regular treatments the pests come back; we’ll return and re-service your home or business at no charge.



Similarly, it is a proven fact that companies with this type of policy provide better services!  Case in point- Ecovalley Pest Control comes out and sprays on day one in January and next service is not set until  March: However in Febuary noticible increases of Ants have been spotted, no questions asked we will schedule for a re-spray and make sure our clients are happy.

As a result, Ecovalley Pest Control is one of the only companies in the industry to stand behind this type of promise and guarantee.


Protecting Mother Earth & You

Our strategy works to ensure a better world for you and your family while still providing your home with the very best pest protections available on the market. Ecovalley Pest Control has been servicing the communites of Oregon for over a decade! In the same way, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about pest control.


A lot of individuals do not know the dangers of pest control chemicals, there have been countless studies on how they effect the health and well being of individuls who are around them.

This is the primary reason of why we exist and continue to happily help our clients with a more organic and better solution. It may be less expensive to go with big box chemical spraying companies or small time unlicensed, untrained Craigslist guys, but it is not worth the health and wellness of the home and family that dwells in that home.