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Eco Valley Pest Control Tualatin was founded in 2003.

See the about-us page .  Currently serving the Portland and surrounding areas both commercial and residential.

The goal:  To provide balance between pest control benefits and public health quality. Likewise, offering pest free guarantees.

Using a simple process inspection that provides education to our clients. This is followed by, an identification process. Next, a simple recomendation is made concerning services. Pest control treatments are then provided with environmentally friendly products. Lastly, an evaluation of the property.  Safe organic products set us apart from the competition. Competitors use chemicals. The products Eco Valley uses come with safe guidelines.  Clients homes and or business are kept free of unwanted pests using this as the guidline.

Every service is designed to protect the health of homeowners. Eco Valley Pest control has been providing safety against common pests in the Tualatin region. The Eco Valley team put together lists for homeowners, that contian the type of pest and the characeristic of the common pests in the Tualatin area. Eco Valley has developed a structure that uses organic methods and testing in order to provide safe pest free living areas. Providing an industry leading service to clients is rule number one. Additionally, shutting down the operations in order for pest control services to take place is not an option.

The goal of any pest control company is to provide a service that is trusted and proven. We are proud to honor and guarantee our service and are the only pest control company to do so in the Taulatin area.

Were here to help.

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